salvage sales

salvage sales

For supporting our clients the injured party or insurer, harm reduction is an important aspect when dealing with transport and storage damages, because damaged goods are not always worthless and easy to dispose of. In addition to the initiation of harm-reducing measures, there is also the possibility of offering and selling the claimed goods in a network of interested parties from different product groups.

There is also the possibility of monitored – and thus logged – checking, sorting, picking and storage – right up to delivery to the goods buyer! Our objective: to find the best way of reducing damage for all involved, economically and ecologically! Depending on your interests, claimed measures can be arranged in the name of the client, there are also possibilities of direct purchase of average goods.

In this way, the harm reduction can be supported in several ways – and the damage can finally be reduced! We are always available for questions about current goods! We are also looking forward to contacting buyers and users of average goods!




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