An expert opinion creates clarity about what is happening and thus the possibility of avoiding past mistakes in the future. In the course of the reimbursement of the expert opinion and an intensive previous investigation, a detailed analysis of events takes place – from the determination of the damage to the determination of the cause, always measures to reduce damage in the field of vision.

Load monitoring, on road supervision, unloading monitoring and risk management – you always have your transport under control! As a rule, a protocol (initial report) is sent to our client within 24 hours, which gives him an initial overview of the extent of the damage, measures to be checked and any options for reducing the damage. This means that there is an early opportunity to examine further procedures and to make appropriate, secure decisions about initiating further steps or measures.

SVL operates throughout Austria (and neighboring countries) with office in Graz, an international network of partners enables the rapid deployment and processing of worldwide surveys!





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