transport safety

transport safety

Safety in the transport chain does not only mean keeping deadlines or reducing handling and transshipment to a minimum, because: of course nothing must happen to the goods being transported on the journey!

And planning begins long before the actual transport or the transport request to the forwarder or carrier. Guidance on transport safety, loading and unloading controls, packaging, load securing measures and appropriate logging of measures or state of load can prevent transport damage. Through individual transport load simulations (road freight transport, rail and sea freight) we offer you an insight into how your goods are doing on the transport route, and you also get an overview of the forces that occur in the means of transport.

Experts with the appropriate knowledge and training are available to you for the development of prevention concepts, verification (pre-shipment inspections) and risk assessment in the transportation of goods! We are happy to offer advice on this subject in terms of preparation, risks, order and contract design as well as Incoterms in cooperation with the company Messrs. Platte in Vienna. We are also available to answer questions regarding the creation on the air cargo security program.



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